Tell Lowe’s to stop selling deadly paint strippers!

No one should lose a loved one to deadly chemicals. But right now, you can walk into Lowe’s and other hardware stores and easily buy paint strippers containing highly toxic chemicals. In fact, at least 50 people have died in the US after using paint strippers containing methylene chloride, a chemical linked to neurotoxicity, liver toxicity, and numerous cancers, since 1980, according to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Exposure to methylene chloride has also been linked to breast cancer. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed banning methylene chloride in 2017, but new EPA leadership indefinitely delayed the proposed bans under pressure from the chemical industry. In comparison, the European Union banned the use of methylene chloride from paint strippers in 2012. Another toxic chemical found in paint strippers, N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP), is listed on California’s Proposition 65 list as a developmental toxicant.

Please join us in calling on Lowe’s to stop selling dangerous paint strippers. TAKE ACTION: Send a message to Lowe’s CEO demanding change. 

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