Help Protect the California Safe Cosmetics Program

BCPP and our partner Black Women for Wellness have been working hard to secure additional funding and staffing for the California Safe Cosmetics Program (SCP) which houses a public database of beauty and personal care products sold in California containing Prop. 65 chemicals known to the state to cause cancer or birth defects.

This important right to know program helps consumers and salon workers avoid beauty and hygiene products that contain toxic chemicals, but it is being starved of the funding and staffing it needs to do its job! 

The good news is two important California Assembly and Senate Budget Subcommittees have scheduled hearings to review our proposal to increase funding and resources for the SCP. 

Please let the Budget Subcommittee members know you believe the SCP provides critically important information to consumers and salon workers alike, and that it deserves to be adequately funded.  

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