Californians: Thank your legislator for standing up for Safer Salons!

California just got one step closer to safer hair and nail salons! On May 30 2018, in a unanimous bi-partisan vote the California State Assembly passed the Professional Cosmetics Labeling Requirements Act AB2775, which gives hair and nail salon workers the information they need to protect themselves – and their clients – from unsafe chemical exposures. 

Although federal law requires the labeling of ingredients in beauty and personal care products that are sold at local drug stores and retailers, there are no disclosure requirements for products used in nail or hair salons. This means that every day, salon workers are often unknowingly exposed to numerous toxic chemicals in the nail, hair, and beauty products they work with.

Even worse, salon workers often lack access to information about the safety of these products. That's why BCPP is co-sponsoring California Assembly Bill 2775, the Professional Cosmetics Labeling Requirements Act, which requires the labeling of ingredients in professional salon products. 

Please thank your Assembly member for standing up for salon worker health by voting on behalf of this important legislation.

Stay tuned: The bill will now move to the California Senate for review by two policy committees. We expect a full Senate vote in mid-August.

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