Tell your California senator: salon products shouldn’t cost us our health (CA)

When we go to a salon, we expect the products that the workers apply to our nails, skin, and hair don’t contain chemicals that could risk our health or theirs. But right now, salon workers can’t even find out what’s in the products they use because there is no state or federal law requiring salon product ingredient disclosure. 

In fact, nearly half a million licensed California salon workers, who are mostly women, are exposed to a broad array of very toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, and phthalates every day. 

Scientific studies show increasing links between the presence of hazardous chemicals in beauty salons and problems with maternal health, low-birthweight babies, respiratory harm, and breast cancer. In addition, hairdressers and nail salon workers face a greater risk of neurological problems like Alzheimer’s. 

Salon workers have a right to know if they’re using toxic products. Tell your senator to vote YES on AB-2775 Professional Cosmetics: Labeling Requirements. Beauty salon products shouldn’t cost us our health!

Californians: Thank your legislator for standing up for Safer Salons! (CA)

California just got one step closer to safer hair and nail salons! On May 30 2018, in a unanimous bi-partisan vote the California State Assembly passed the Professional Cosmetics Labeling Requirements Act AB2775, which gives hair and nail salon workers the information they need to protect themselves – and their clients – from unsafe chemical exposures. 

Although federal law requires the labeling of ingredients in beauty and personal care products that are sold at local drug stores and retailers, there are no disclosure requirements for products used in nail or hair salons. This means that every day, salon workers are often unknowingly exposed to numerous toxic chemicals in the nail, hair, and beauty products they work with.

Even worse, salon workers often lack access to information about the safety of these products. That's why BCPP is co-sponsoring California Assembly Bill 2775, the Professional Cosmetics Labeling Requirements Act, which requires the labeling of ingredients in professional salon products. 

Please thank your Assembly member for standing up for salon worker health by voting on behalf of this important legislation.

Stay tuned: On to the Senate!

Tell Beauty Companies They Are Failing the Grade (All States)

When we buy products that we put on our skin, faces and hair, we rightfully expect that they are free of toxic chemicals that increase our risk of cancer or reproductive health problems. But think again! 

A recent report card from our partners at Mind the Store shows that three cosmetic and personal care product retailers, Sally Beauty, Ulta Beauty, and Sephora, are failing to adequately address cancer-causing chemicals in the products they sell.

With your help, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners has been working to clean up the cosmetics and personal care industry for over a decade. We helped push CVS and Target to adopt policies that limits the toxic chemicals on their store shelves.

Take action to demand that Sally Beauty, Ulta Beauty and Sephora stop selling beauty products made with chemicals linked to cancer and reproductive harm.

Because body care products shouldn’t cost us our health!

Tell L'Oréal: No More Cancer Chemicals in Our Cosmetics (All States)

Despite 3 years of asking L’Oréal to rid its cosmetics of cancer-causing chemicals in products like mascara, shampoo and anti-aging cream, they still aren’t listening.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a project of Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, has targeted L’Oréal since 2014 for using ingredients linked to cancer in their Maybelline and L’Oréal eye makeup, L’Oréal kids shampoos, and Garnier anti-aging lotions.

Over 125,000 people have signed petitions, emails and letters joining our call to action asking L’Oréal to rid its products of chemicals linked to cancer and fully disclose its secret fragrance chemicals, but L’Oréal hasn’t responded to these requests. Click here to read our letter to L’Oréal Execs.

Take action against cancer chemicals in cosmetics products. As L'Oréal says, because we're worth it!

Demand L'Oréal remove chemicals linked to breast cancer from anti-aging products (All States)

 Anti-Aging Secrets Exposed: Chemical Linked to Breast Cancer in Skin Care, a report published by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a project of Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, found PFOA in over one-third of the personal care products tested, including:

-         L’Oréal’s Garnier Fructis Ultra-Lift Transformer Anti-Age Skin Corrector

-         L’Oréal’s Garnier Fructis Ultra-Life Anti-Wrinkle Firming Moisturizer

 That’s a recipe for concern, because PTFE can be contaminated with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) -- a toxic chemical linked to cancer, endocrine disruption and reproductive harm. PTFE is the same chemical known by the trade name Teflon.

Join us. Demand that L’Oréal remove chemicals linked to breast cancer from anti-aging products.